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Workshops At Presidents Club

The DrivingSales Presidents Club Workshops are a 20 Group-style moderated discussion around key topics that will impact dealerships today and in the future. This unique format creates an environment where assumptions can be challenged and executives work through key strategies.

These sessions include panelists made up of industry thought leaders in a stimulating forum where dealership executives can interact and solve problems, wrestle with opportunities, and develop plans to improve their capital, brand and people.

Workshop Topics

As the customer expectation evolves, technology is being developed to address online retailing. What are some of the emerging tools that introduce technology into the transaction? Are these tools delivering on customer demands or just slowing down the process?  How can dealerships evaluate potential online retailing opportunities and assess their viability?

Dealerships are addressing the different facets of successful fixed operations. One of the critical needs of any service department is full service bays. What are high performing dealerships doing to increase service traffic and how can store capitalize on increased traffic to impact the bottom line?

Discussions in employee development are moving beyond turnover into increasing performance.  Learn how to develop a strategy to improve your human capital and build a culture of continuous improvement that will result in dealership bench strength and increased profits.

The “Big Data” explosion has led to more dashboards.  In addition, attribution is a buzz word being circulated today.  What should you measure, and more importantly, how do those measurements help you define success?

If there is one constant today in automotive retail, it’s that good used vehicles are hard to come by.  Learn best practices for acquiring, assessing, and merchandising a winning inventory.

This session will discuss the current state of the industry and what the near future looks like so you can allocate resources and grow today and tomorrow.

Marketing is a moving target that constantly evolves.  What are some of the latest trends in digital marketing?  How do you know if you should invest in them?  Discover cutting edge marketing updates that you need to know about.

Your dealership brand is more than a mission statement on the wall or a tagline in your advertising.  A strong brand is one that resonates with today’s customer.  Discover what successful organizations are doing to create and communicate a winning consumer brand.

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