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The DrivingSales Presidents Club Workshops are a 20 Group-style moderated discussion around key topics that will impact dealerships today and in the future. This unique format creates an environment where assumptions can be challenged and executives work through key strategies.

Digital Retail: Delivering a Consistent Customer Experience

Customers today are looking to complete some parts of the sales transaction online.  Digital retailing can help your dealership capitalize on this trend. How can you ensure you are delivering a consistent experience regardless if it is online or offline?  

- Learn how to build a consistent digital retailing strategy
- Discover how to leverage digital retailing in your marketing
- Understand how to make sure your dealership can deliver consistently on your digital retailing vision

 Michelle Denogean | Roadster

Improving Customer Relationships with AI

Leveraging artificial intelligence can improve our efficiencies and help us automate some of the interactions with customers.  But what will this mean to the relationship we have with consumers? How can you ensure AI is adding efficiency and not just masking process gaps?  

- Gain insight on how artificial intelligence is transforming the sales process
- Learn how to use AI to improve the relationship with your customers
- Understand how to utilize AI to help provide a more targeted experience
Derrick Disterhaft

Derrick Disterhaft | Dominion Dealer Solutions

Jason Knight | Lotlinx

Richard Keith Latman

Richard Keith Latman | CRMSuite

Fixed Ops Marketing: Building Trust Through Transparency

In today’s market, transparency equals trust.  Are you communicating trust in your service department in your marketing? In this session you will understand how to market transparency and receive tips on what to do to improve your fixed ops presence online.  

- Learn how to analyze your Fixed Ops digital presence
- Discover how you can improve the transparency of your communications
- Gain insight on how to market your Fixed Ops transparency and gain a competitive advantage

Ronda Lewis | automotiveMastermind

Colleen Harris | CDK Global

Maximizing Fixed Ops Customer Experience

There has been a lot of talk in the last few years around customer experience.  How can you use that insight to improve your service experience? In this interactive session, we’ll dissect and analyze the different components that make up an ideal customer experience in Fixed Operations.  

- Understand what customers want in their service interacting with your dealership
- Discover tips for improving the efficiency of your shop
- Gain insight on creating a Fixed Ops customer experience that delights your customers

Justin DePasquale | Solera

Alex Abramovich | Reynolds and Reynolds

Developing and Marketing Your Dealership Brand

Your dealership brand can have immense value.  Are you communicating and leveraging it to improve your marketing?  What can you do to make sure your brand is resonating with your customers? In this workshop, we will review a case study and show you how to leverage the power of your brand.

- Learn how to define a customer-centric brand
- Discover tips on how to communicate your brand to your marketing team or agency
- Walk away with an action plan to develop, communicate, and market your dealership brand.

Paul Daly | Congruent

Alan Krutsch | CDK Global

Improving Marketing with Data

We have access to more information and data about our customers and their behaviors than ever before.  The secret is understanding how this data can help you better market to your customers. You don’t need another dashboard, you need insight into who your customer are and how to connect with them.

- Learn how you an use data analysis to fine-tune your marketing messaging
- Gain insight on your ideal customer personas and how to reach them
- Discover the metrics you should be monitoring for marketing success.

Shoshana DuBow | AutoLeadStar

Greg Uland | Naked Lime

Optimizing the Customer Experience with Human Capital

Regardless of your ideal customer experience vision, you need the right people to make it a reality.  In this session, we focus on emerging human capital trends and analyze how those trends are impacting your ability to improve dealership performance.

- Gain insight on how to build a culture that resonates with potential employees
- Discover what employees want in a career in the dealership
- Learn how to improve the retention and performance of your staff

Ted Kraybill

Ted Kraybill | ESI Trends

Jason Volny

Jason Volny | DrivingSales

Merchandising Used Inventory in Today's Competitive Market

As the SAAR starts to dip, marketing and merchandising your used inventory is extremely important.  In this session, we’ll work through some of the inventory issues facing dealers today and discuss the latest in vehicle merchandising.

- Discover tips to improve the quality of your vehicle details pages
- Learn what you need to do to set your inventory apart
- Gain insight on how to improve customer engagement through inventory merchandising

Adam Tobias | DealerCue

Craig Martin | Randy Curnow Buick GMC

Davo Scheich | OVAD

Summer Rock | Carvana

Don't miss out on this opportunity as these forward-thinking speakers lead the discussions that will help you map out the future of your business.


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