Save the Date: April 10, 2017 | New York, NY


Keynote Presenters

Dan Waldschmidt

Best Selling Author and Consultant

Dan helps ordinary people and good companies achieve extraordinary results. Hear what obstacles you need to get out of the way to lead your team to new heights. Inspire your team to achieve what they think they can’t.

Jared Hamilton

Dealer, Founder and CEO of DrivingSales

What is the solution to the biggest dilemma facing the auto industry? Strap yourself in and get ready for some fast talking as Jared delves into the retail automotive industry and maps a strategy forward to success.

Jeff Roberts

Managing Partner, Underwood & Roberts PLLC

Always “in the know” with what is happening on the hill, Jeff will shares his thoughts and what he is hearing about Tesla and franchise law. Will there be a change that impacts your dealership?

Expert Dealer Presenters

Peter Cooper

President and CEO
Lexus of Lehigh Valley

Jon Lancaster

Managing Director
Lancaster Investments

Wes Lutz

Extreme Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep, RAM, Inc.

Andrea Schliessman

Senior Director, Learning & Development
AutoNation, Inc.

Denim Simkins

Regional Fixed Ops Director
Performance Auto Group

Jennifer Briggs

Director of Dealer Strategy
Cardinale Auto Group

Scott Simons

Managing Partner & General Manager
Valley Honda, Nissan, Subaru and Volkswagen

Tom White, Jr.

General Manager
Subaru of Wichita

Blake Underriner

Managing Partner
Underriner Automotive, Inc.

Eric Savage

Dealer Principal
Freedom Auto Group

Industry Thought Leaders

Ken Gregson

Managing Partner
Nexus Consult Navigations

Adam Robinson

Co-Founder and CEO

Steve Szakaly

Chief Economist

Tony Albertson

Executive Conference Moderator
NCM Associates

Thomas Gage

Senior Director, Product Strategy
Cox Automotive

Ryan Kerrigan

Managing Director
Kerrigan Advisors

David Spisak


Mike Anderson

CEO & Partner
The Rikess Group

Carl Bennett

Director NA Consulting Operations
Reynolds Consulting Services

Candice Crane

Principal Consultant
Crane Automotive Resources

David Kain

Kain Automotive

Mike Martinez

Chief Marketing Officer

Mark Rogers

Dealership Management Consultant

David Zwick

Founder and CEO
RedCap Automotive Technology

John Manganaro

VP Pricing & Analytics

Mike Waterman

National Sales Director

Martha Blue

Senior Vice President of Business Development

Ron Henson

Director, Dealership Strategy

Tim Jackson

President and CEO
Colorado Automobile Dealers Association

Erik Radle

The Miller Ad Agency

Vital Topics for Your Dealership’s Success

Be part of the conversation with an exclusive group of innovative dealers to address the toughest challenges in the industry.

Building a
Winning Workforce

Turnover is costing you more than you can imagine or measure; the costs you can measure will scare you but that means the upside opportunity is huge.

Creating a
Resilient Business

The time to prepare for winter is before the snow falls. Have you structured your dealership to thrive when others stagger from a sudden volume drop?

Dealership Brand as a Competitive Advantage

Now more than ever, the playing fields have changed for dealers due to consumer expectations that are being shaped by E-Commerce, the availability of wholesale pricing information, F&I disclosure regulations, etc.

The Modern
Showroom Floor

There has been a lot of talk recently about improving the customer experience. This discussion has led to enhancements to sales processes and improvements in technology.


Virtually all dealers today know the digital basics. How are leading dealers going beyond these basics to target audiences, tailor messaging & offers, link online and in-store experiences to dominate their markets?

Service & Parts
Business Innovation

Fixed operations is the financial foundation of the store but losing share to independents. Business strategies, processes and tools to increase fixed ops financial and strategic health.

Used Car

With the on-going margin compression in New sales should all dealers seek to optimize Used sales first? A discussion of the inventory strategy, sourcing, recon, pricing, merchandising, turn policy, and guarantees used by the most successful operators.