May 4-6,2016 | Ritz-Carlton, South Beach, Miami

Vital Topics for Your Dealership’s Success

Hear what innovative dealers are doing to address the hardest problems in the industry and add your thoughts.

Building a Winning Workforce

Dealer Sales and Service Advisor turnover ranges from 40-90% and is climbing – suppressing sales, alienating buyers and hitting the bottom line. What are the strategies that have worked to recruit, develop and retain a diverse and productive workforce?

Creating a Resilient Business

How will your dealership fare should record sales and record low interest rates end? You will learn how “stress test” and future-proof your dealership for adverse revenue, financial, staffing and compliance conditions.

The Modern Showroom Floor

The experiences, processes and workflows are most effective in selling the modern shopper.

Precision Marketing

Virtually all dealers today know the digital basics. How are leading dealers going beyond these basics to target audiences, tailor messaging & offers, link online and in-store experiences to dominate their markets?

Service & Parts Business Innovation

Fixed operations is the financial foundation of the store but losing share to independents. Business strategies, processes and tools to increase fixed ops financial and strategic health.

Used Car Centering

With the on-going margin compression in New sales should all dealers seek to optimize Used sales first? A discussion of the inventory strategy, sourcing, recon, pricing, merchandising, turn policy, and guarantees used by the most successful operators.